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In a video-driven world, YouTube is the top place for marketers to build and monetize an audience. But, despite the platform’s popularity, many marketers are hesitant to invest time and resources in a channel that doesn’t immediately drive results. To counter this, getting more YouTube views should be near the top of every content marketer’s to-do list.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to do just that. From revamping video titles to targeting keywords, creating custom thumbnails to repurposing videos as YouTube shorts, you can increase your video’s visibility in just a few simple steps. Using these 18 tricks to boost youtube views, you’ll be able to grow your YouTube presence and see consistent engagement from your viewers in no time.

The first step to growing a YouTube audience is to create and publish videos regularly. As the saying goes, “content is king.” It’s no surprise that videos that are uploaded more frequently receive more views than those that aren’t. Ideally, you should be releasing 2-3 videos per month, but you can also be more flexible with this if your audience responds well to certain types of content.

When it comes to video titles, it’s important that you optimize them for search engines and viewers alike. Ensure that your video file name, title, and description include relevant keywords, as this will help it rank higher in search results and attract more clicks. Also, keep in mind that the YouTube description box only displays 157 characters; make sure your most important information (including a call to action, subtitles, and social handles) appear within this window.

Closed captions aren’t just great for people with disabilities, but they also increase your video’s viewership. These days, 69% of people watch videos without sound in public, and having closed captions available makes your video more accessible for these users. YouTube’s default setting for this feature is set to on, but you can double-check that it is by going to the YouTube Studio and clicking the Content menu in the left-hand column.

Having the option to embed your videos across the web is a huge advantage when it comes to growing your YouTube views. This lets viewers view your content on platforms that they don’t have a YouTube account, and can encourage them to subscribe. This is especially helpful for promoting your brand and increasing your video’s reach.

It may seem obvious, but responding to your audience’s comments is a huge way to engage with them and drive more views. YouTube users will be more likely to comment on your videos if they know you’ll respond to them. However, you must be careful not to post anything that violates YouTube’s community guidelines.

Lastly, don’t forget to share your video on other channels! Sharing your content on other channels can help you reach a wider audience, and could even lead to new subscribers. Just be sure to use quality links and avoid spamming other channels or you may get a temporary suspension. boost youtube views

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