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 I didn’t know you were a writer, I thought you were a Virtual Assistant.”

No matter how many times I hear this comment it still surprises me. I learned early on that writing was one of the most lucrative services that I could offer in my virtual assistance business, not to mention an incredible means of free marketing.

I have discovered a valuable resource for writing assignments and other types of work. The Freelance Work Exchange is an innovative web site that incorporates nearly every aspect of the freelance process. It features the components with which you are familiar as well as those for which you may not have an accurate understanding, and quite possibly, some aspects about which you have never even heard.

As with most legitimate professional freelance web sites, membership at http://tinyurl.com/3v69r is on a paid basis. In this case, membership is paid on a monthly basis at the standard rate of $29.95 per month. You may feel this is excessive especially since you don’t know exactly what the value of membership is actually going to deliver for you.

Since this is the perspective of the average person, me included, the Freelance Work Exchange has a solution for addressing your questions directly. And no, you don’t have to submit an e-mail with a list of questions and then wait for a reply. All you have to do is take advantage of the Freelance Work Exchange’s valuable test drive.

For only $2.95 you can literally test drive the Freelance Work Exchange with a 7-day temporary membership. Unlike most other trial memberships that offer very limited access and no access at all to members’ only features, the Freelance Work Exchange gives you the run of the road. In other words, you don’t just get to drive it around the block; you get to actually make a real road trip with your temporary membership.

Guess what? The Freelance Work Exchange even gives you some souvenirs to make your road trip worth your while. Here’s what your $2.95 is going to net you, even if you decide at the end of the 7-day trial that one trip was enough for you.

* Unlimited 24/7 Access to Professional Members Area

For 7 days, you’re going to be able to explore and take advantage of each component of the Professional Members Area at the Freelance Work Exchange. This doesn’t mean that you get to read about them, but that you get to make full use of each member’s only component.

* Freelance Job Report

You will receive immediate access to the current issue of this Freelance Work Exchange professional edition bi-weekly newsletter, which is a paid subscription. Each issue features career advice and strategies as well as hot freelance job opportunities.

* The Jobs Database

Okay, so the Freelance Work Exchange has a freelance job bank, but so do other freelance web sites. However, this site actually allows you to use your test drive to go through the process of finding projects and applying for them. This will give you a good idea of how the site works for you without an ongoing commitment.

Categories in The Jobs Database include:

* Writing, Editing and Proofreading
* Design & Illustration
* Programming & Software Development
* Consultancy
* Administrative & Miscellaneous
* Work-at-Home

* Million Dollar Freelancing

The Freelance Work Exchange publishes this valuable freelancer’s publication feature in serialized format. A perk that you receive as a temporary member is a free subscription offer. You’ll receive this innovative publication in chapter-by-chapter format delivered directly to your e-mail address.

If you decide that Million Dollar Freelancing offers no value to you, you can simply discontinue your subscription anytime you choose. The Freelance Work Exchange will promptly remove you from this subscriber list.

* Featured Freelance Listing

The Freelance Work Exchange offers all its members the opportunity to purchase a “feature” listing as a freelancer for the price of $50.00 for a 1-month listing or $100.00 for a 3-month listing. This same offer is available to you as a temporary member. If you purchase a Featured Freelance Listing and decide not to continue with a monthly membership, you still have the benefit of having your professional profile featured for the period for which you purchased it. Trovare clienti

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