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When you buy socks in a store, you probably don’t think about how they got there. From the spools of yarn to the finished product, the socks are a complex creation made up of multiple steps. Each step must be coordinated to meet quality requirements and production timelines. So let’s take a look inside the socks factory to see how they are made.

The first step in the process is to wind the yarn into reels. Then the reels are sent to a machine that acts like a big oven to speed up the drying process of the yarn. Once the yarn is dry, it will go to the next machines to be spooled and prepared for the knitting process.

At this stage, the spools of yarn are ready for a machine to knit them into a sock. The machine will make a pattern of interlocking loops into the fabric. It can produce a variety of styles of socks. In the old days, it was done by hand, but now it’s automated.

During this process, some functional fibers may be added to maintain the elasticity, fastness and comfort of socks. The most common functional fibers are polyester, spandex and polyamide.

The knitted fabric is then cut into sock lengths and then sewn together. At this point, the sock will get its shape and size. Then it will be inspected to make sure that the left and right socks are paired correctly before being sent for boarding and finishing. socks factory

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