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Angel Figurine Collection are often displayed as home décor. They also make great gifts for friends and family. The angel figurines can be made from glass, porcelain, wood or resin and may be sculpted by an artist or produced in mass for a collector’s item. They come in many different styles and can be a beautiful way to add a spiritual touch to a home.

Some of the most popular types of collectible angel figurines include cherubs, baby, guardian and Hallmark angels. These figures can be found in a variety of styles and can be used as decorative items on a mantel or on a table. Some are even used as Christmas ornaments and can be hung on a tree. There are also other types of angels such as African American or religious.

Angel figurines can be purchased from a number of retailers. Some are available in large retail stores while others can be found at online specialty retailers. Some are made from a fine porcelain such as Lladro or Meissen and have a high value. These models are sometimes adorned with gold or other decorative elements. Some are hand-painted and have a special significance for the collector.

Other angels are made from stone resins and have a more simple appearance. These figurines are sometimes adorned with other details such as crystal trim or scrolled messaging. You can also find angels with special meanings such as the angel of hope or the angel of love. Other collectors prefer to add to their collection with new angels to mark a significant event such as the birth of a child or a wedding anniversary.

You can purchase a variety of angels at auction websites, including eBay and Etsy. You can also find them in antiques or vintage stores or at toy stores that specialize in displaying collectible toys. Other places where you can find an angel figurine are home improvement or garden centers, art and gift shops or in your local mall.

Some of the more popular angel figurines are those sculpted by renowned artists. You can find a number of these angels at a variety of price points, but the most valuable are likely to be those that are signed by the artist. These are usually produced in limited editions, and some of them have a certificate of authenticity.

Another popular type of angel figurine is the one that is a part of Joss Whedon’s Buffyverse. This particular figure depicts Angel, the vampire with a soul from the hit TV show, and is highly valued by collectors. This figurine is sold in a magazine-style collector’s edition, and the article contained within provides extensive information on this character from the television show as well as from his subsequent work in Joss Whedon comic books. This makes the figure quite collectible, and it can easily fetch a high price on the secondary market.

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