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Cars have become a necessity for many people as they help them get from point A to point B much faster and more efficiently than walking. While most cars are safe and reliable, they can sometimes break down or be stolen. When this happens, it can be very frustrating and inconvenient. That is why having a locksmith who specializes in automotive services is so important. They are able to handle these problems quickly and effectively. They can even provide a backup if you happen to lose your keys. The key may be snapped in the lock or ignition, but an auto locksmith can fix this for you without damaging your vehicle.

It is not uncommon for a car key to snap in a lock, but it can be difficult to remove from such a position. This happens when the key cylinder wears down, and the brass of the key blade no longer pushes the wafers to turn the lock. A professional auto locksmith will use industry tools and techniques to decipher what cuts are needed on the key blade and can often replace the cylinders for you. If that fails, they can also make a new key for you and recode the ignition system to accept it.

A reputable locksmith will be more than happy to give you an estimate for their services before starting. This will ensure that you are aware of all charges and fees that may be incurred. The cost of the service is often based on the distance the locksmith has to travel, the time of day and any additional efforts or tools that are required to open your car.

Most modern cars come equipped with transponder chips that are used to start the engine and unlock the doors. These are very difficult to pick and require special tools that are car specific. A car locksmith will be able to make you a metal key for the trunk, glove box and doors if they can’t access your car using other methods.

In older cars that do not have this type of locking mechanism, locksmiths can usually use a tool called a “jimmy.” This is a long tool that can reach the lock and turn it to unlock the door. The locksmith can also use an L-tool, which has a similar design but is a bit more versatile for different types of cars and door designs.

If you have a traditional metal key for your car that does not have the transponder, then you should try wiggling and jiggling it to see if it will turn. If not, it’s likely that the split wafer is stuck in the lock cylinder and needs to be jimmied out. This process can be very delicate and should only be done by a trained professional. Some newer cars, such as Volvos, have extremely high safety standards and will need to be opened by a manufacturer representative or the car locksmith themselves.

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