Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024

When it comes to filtered water for your home, there are few systems that rival Billi tap. This innovative brand delivers instant boiling, chilled and sparkling filtered water from a single under counter unit. This system is also energy efficient and uses advanced filtration technology that has been developed for world class customer service and sustainability.

All Billi systems use a patented heat exchange system that recovers energy created during the chilling cycle and re-uses it to preheat the boiling water, saving a significant amount of electricity. All models have a 7 day time switch and can be put into standby mode after a pre-set period of non-use to save even more power. All Billi systems are manufactured using environmentally sustainable techniques and have attained Gold Global GreenTag and WRAS certification.

Sparkling water requires the artificial injection of CO2. This process is often done with plastic bottles that have a large impact on the deepening global crisis concerning plastic waste. This is why Billi’s filtered sparkling water system is so popular with customers as it is a more environmentally friendly alternative to purchasing fizzy drinks in plastic bottles.

Designed for space efficiency, Billi systems have the smallest underbench footprint of any similar machines in the market and are easy to retrofit into existing kitchens with no cupboard ventilation required. The range is available in a wide variety of handcrafted, artisan colours and finishes so you can match your Billi tap to the style of your kitchen or business premises.

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