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A rockwell hardness tester for sale is a device that determines the stiffness and strength of metals, including steel. It does this by measuring the amount of force required to make an indentation in the metal. The test results are then used to calculate the material’s hardness. There are a few different types of hardness testing, including the Brinell and Rockwell tests.

Each type of test measures the force required to make an indentation in a sample of metal. The Rockwell method uses a diamond cone or steel ball to penetrate the surface of the metal, while the Brinell test measures the diameter of an indentation made by a pyramid-shaped indenter. Choosing the right type of rockwell hardness tester for your needs is important to ensure accurate and reliable results.

We carry a wide selection of hardness testers for your use, whether you need an industrial-grade model to test large metal pieces or a portable handheld unit for non-destructive evaluations on the go. Our inventory includes models that use the Rockwell, Brinell and Vickers methods. We also offer the latest technology, including digital units that provide more precise results and a higher level of automation.

Our inventory of rockwell hardness testers for sale is curated from the best manufacturers in the industry, including Wilson(r). They specialize in the production of both bench- and floor-mounted units that are suitable for use in a variety of applications, including automotive, aerospace, steel, plastics and more. These hardness testers are capable of measuring the most popular regular Rockwell scales, as well as converting these measurements to HB, HRC, HV, HLD and HK.

This durable and versatile model from Wilson features a compact, portable design that makes it ideal for use in heat treat facilities, tool rooms, workshops and inspection labs. It’s equipped with a micro computer-controlled touch screen, programmable scale conversions, dwell times and a full set of statistical capabilities. It’s also fully automated, with load/unload functions that are controlled by the push of a button. It can measure all regular Rockwell scales, as well as convert to HB, HRC, HV, HRLD and HK.

A master calibration set is a must-have for your rockwell hardness tester, as it provides the highest level of accuracy. These sets contain the test blocks and the actual master diamond indenter or carbide ball penetrator that was used to calibrate your tester. These calibration test blocks are marked with the serial number of the indenter or penetrator that they were matched to, and this eliminates them as potential variables in your system. This allows you to quickly and accurately identify the source of a problem. These sets are the most cost-effective solution to ensuring accurate and consistent hardness testing.

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