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Defending those who are accused of criminal wrongdoings, criminal lawyers have an important job to do. They often take on a heavy burden of cases that can have life-changing ramifications. They work in a legal system that sometimes works differently than civil law, and they build ongoing relationships with their clients. Whether they want to intercept criminals early or defend people who have made mistakes, they find daily satisfaction in pursuing invaluable goals and contributing to a healthy society.

After years of rigorous studying and exams, many would-be criminal attorneys earn their Juris Doctor (JD). Some may pursue advanced degrees such as a Master of Laws (LLM) or a Doctor of Juridical Science (JSD), but those who are serious about a career in criminal law typically stick with the JD, which qualifies them to practice.

Once qualified, they must choose their niche and start building relationships with potential clients. Criminal defense attorneys (private and court-appointed) research the case against their clients, try to negotiate with prosecutors, and help their client’s get out of trouble.

They also bring to light loopholes and flaws in the criminal justice system so that they can be corrected. As a result, Americans of every age and socioeconomic status retain faith in our criminal justice system when they see even hardened criminals well-represented by skilled defense lawyers. Defending people who are charged with criminal offenses is an exciting and challenging job that requires the utmost attention to detail. criminal lawyer

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