Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

Whether you have a wavy, curly, or coily mane, it’s important to find a hairdresser who will understand your unique texture. Look for a stylist with online reviews, recommendations and curl-specific training and certifications. The right stylist will help you rock your natural locks with confidence and sass.

For a bouncy, healthy mane, we recommend getting your hair cut every 12-16 weeks, or when you notice your curls knotting more frequently (it helps to trim the ends of the hair to reduce frizz and prevent breakage). Also, having regular trims will help avoid those pesky Fairy knots – the little tangles at the end of your strands caused by damaged/dry ends.

If you’re searching for a curly hair specialist Melbourne, look no further than Fleur. Using a deconstructed dry haircutting technique, she creates shapes that compliment each client’s unique curl pattern, personal features and lifestyle. Plus, her customers have noted how much they love her passion for empowering them to embrace their kinks, wavy and coils.

Located in the heart of Fitzroy, Juniper is run by a team of curly girls with a shared passion for helping clients manage their wayward, unruly locks. Head Honcho Laurie says it’s important to find a stylist who ‘understands how wavy and curly hair works’, and their goal is to “empower women and men to control their curls.” Their team of curl experts will help you achieve a style that suits your lifestyle, while maintaining optimal health and condition for the length of time that you want your kinks to last.

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