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Stirrup socks are part of the traditional baseball uniform and provide a unique look to players. They are usually one of a team’s traditional colors, and can be adorned with stripes or a logo. For example, for several years the Minnesota Twins wore navy blue stirrup socks with “TC” on the side (for “Twin Cities”).

The baseball stirrup sock is often worn over a long white sock. This sock is also sometimes called a “sanitary sock” because it is designed to protect the player’s skin from staining.

It is essential to wear these socks correctly. To prevent them from falling down while you are playing, they should be rolled up to the top of the pants’ hem. If you do not do this, you can be at risk for injury from the sock falling down and getting caught in your pant leg during play.

If you want to make sure that your custom baseball stirrups are not slipping down during game play, you need to make sure that you choose the right cut length. Here at MadSportsStuff, we offer a variety of cut lengths to fit your players’ needs.

We recommend that you measure the players calf from the bottom of their heel to the top of their knee for accurate sizing. Once you have done that, you can start browsing through our selection of in-stock stirrups for sale to find the perfect fit.

You can also order a sample stirrup to ensure that you are getting the right size. Just click on the stirrup pattern you are interested in and we will send you a link to our sample page.

Whether you are looking for an old school stirrup sock or something more modern and fun, we have a large selection of custom stirrup socks to choose from at MadSportsStuff.

The best thing about these socks is that they are durable and comfortable, offering a wide range of features like arch and ankle compression for reduced fatigue and moisture-wicking properties to keep you dry. They are lightweight and feature double welt tops for added support in the mid-calf area.

These baseball stirrup socks are available in four different sizes: Small 14″ (youth), Medium 17″, Large 19″ and Large Pro 19″.

They are made in the USA with the highest quality materials. They use proDRI technology for moisture wicking, and they have compression technology in the right places to reduce fatigue and increase performance. They are also made with blister control to decrease friction and help prevent injury.

If you are a baseball coach or parent, these custom baseball stirrups will make your players look great on the field. They can easily complement any uniform combination and will give your athletes supreme confidence when they are on the field.

If you are looking for the best baseball stirrups in the market, you need to check out the ones at MadSportsStuff. They have a huge selection of stirrups that are available in a variety of colors, cut lengths, and sizes. They also have a streamlined ordering process that will make it easy for you to create the exact pair of custom baseball stirrups that your team wants. custom logo dress socks

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