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The right invitations can set the tone for your wedding, birthday party or any other event. Whether you’re imagining a rustic destination wedding or a modern save-the-date, custom cards let you personalize the look to fit your style and help guests anticipate what your special day will be all about.

While you can do your own printing at home, it’s a good idea to take advantage of the expertise and quality that a local print shop has to offer, says Weber. A reputable printer can guide you on the best paper for your design, trim it neatly and provide a finished product that looks as beautiful as possible.

Depending on the type of printing you’re going for, the quality of the papers and ink can make or break your invites. “A high-quality paper is essential to the overall look of your stationery, and a thicker stock adds a more luxurious feel,” says Griffith. The way your paper is cut also makes a big difference. If you’re planning to assemble your own invites, she recommends using a paper cutter with a fresh, sharp blade so the cuts are straight and clean. She also advises enlisting the help of a crafty bridesmaid or groomsman to help with assembling and adding envelope liners.

Digital (or flat) printing is an inexpensive, fast and incredibly flexible option that works well for most designs. This method allows you to choose a color and size that fits your needs, and there are no limitations on what you can do design-wise, including watercolors, photographs, typography and detailed illustrations. Etemply

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