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Online dating has become a major industry and is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. It has also given rise to an industry of photographers, coaches etc who are trying to make a buck off this trend. While photos are a big part of your profile (and the first thing people notice) it is not the only aspect that is important to get you results. Swiping etiquette, bio writing, app choice, photo order, messaging strategies, weeding out red flags and time wasters, wardrobe styling, lifestyle choices, grooming/hygiene and more are all important to understand to be successful in online dating.

Hiring a photographer who is experienced and knows how to light and pose you in a flattering way to capture your best qualities is an investment that can have a huge payoff. It is not uncommon for people to work with multiple photographers before finding someone who really understands how to capture the best quality of their unique personality.

Many people struggle to find a good look that is both natural and flattering when it comes to their dating photos. They often end up using a selfie or taking photos on their phone that don’t do them justice. These types of photos are not only dated, but they often send the wrong message to potential dates. A professional can help you create a photo that is authentic, flattering and helps you stand out from the crowd of people who use selfies or poorly lit photos taken with their phones.

When choosing a photographer it is a good idea to read reviews and choose a photographer that specializes in dating photos and has a portfolio of examples of their work. It is also a good idea to ask the photographer what type of lighting they prefer to use and to show you examples of different looks they have created.

Some of my favorite shots are candid images of a person doing something that shows off their passions and interests. These photos are great for online dating because they convey a more real and authentic side of a person. They also tend to attract more people than posed photos that only focus on the face.

Another option is to have a session in a studio and have the photographer take several different shots of you in various poses and locations. This is a great option for people who are new to online dating because it allows them to try out multiple looks and see what works best for them.

If you are a short guy, have flyaways or other challenges that may be difficult to deal with in the photos then I highly recommend purchasing a clear eyebrow gel prior to your photoshoot. This will push all of your flyaways down without weighing them down and will create a more natural look. I use it on all my clients and it makes a huge difference! This small investment can save you a lot of frustration and time spent on retouching your photos. Dating profile photographer near me

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