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Weighing accuracy for less
The XSR Excellence series of analytical balances from Mettler Toledo is designed to meet the demands of your everyday lab tasks with ease. Convenient features such as SmartGrid, automatic doors and the results protocol help to reduce operator stress whilst built-in applications support you with your weighing routine. Quality assurance functions such as StaticDetect, StatusLight and LevelControl provide right-first-time results and give you peace of mind that your measurements are correct.

Suitable for any lab, electronic analytical balance price provide highly accurate readings with a high degree of precision making them perfect for quality control and precise weighing applications such as density determination and pipette calibration. These extremely sensitive weighing instruments should be used in dedicated areas to avoid the slightest disturbances and vibrations that may impact your measurement result. Due to their sensitivity they are also designed to be able to detect very small increments in weight which is why many laboratory balances have a draft shield to protect the weighing chamber from external air influences during weighing processes.

The ME-T analytical balances from Mettler Toledo offer a wide range of essential functionality and solid performance, with an internal motorized calibration model for ultimate convenience. With an optimized touchscreen display operable with gloves, the ME-T line of balances is simple to operate and comes standard with Mettler Toledo’s renowned high performance MonoBloc weighing cell and ProFACT automatic internal adjustment technology. Built to last with a sturdy metal base, the ME-T line of analytical balances is easy to clean and dependable enough for your most demanding application needs. electronic analytical balance price

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