Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

EV Charging Networks are companies that operate and maintain public charging stations. They may offer a range of services including payment, access management, and usage monitoring. Some networks also develop training resources for EV charger installers. They can be a logical partner for site planners pursuing a networked charging station (one that connects to the Internet via a cellular or wired broadband service to enable payment and management).

The largest public EV charging networks are ChargePoint, Tesla, and Electrify America. Each of these providers has a number of Level 2 and DC Fast charging ports across the United States. Each network has its own smartphone app which allows EV owners to locate and reserve available charging spots.

Some EV owners choose to join multiple charging networks to maximize their recharging options. This is especially true if they have vehicles that support both the CHAdeMO and SAE Combo connectors. Some networks also support vehicle-to-grid scenarios that allow the car to send power back to the grid when prices are low.

EV owners can use apps like Zapmap to find and plan charging stops across the major EV public charging networks. Those networks that are signed up to Zapmapā€™s Zap-Pay platform display a ‘Zap-Pay’ icon on their logos. These networks are also updated in real time and show live data on our map, allowing drivers to search, plan, and pay for charging from the comfort of their car’s driver’s seat. EV Charging Networks

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