Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

The James Bond of Actuators
Designed for environments where flammable gases are present, Explosion-Proof Valve Actuator are the sentinels who keep operations safe and efficient. These electric actuators reset to a fail-safe position when something goes wrong to minimize damage and contain any internal explosion. Think of them as the maestros, conducting a complex industrial orchestra with precision and finesse. When choosing an Explosion-Proof Valve Actuator, look for credentials like SIL 3, ATEX, CE certification, and IP68 weatherproofing.

The Schischek range of electric explosion proof actuators includes quarter turn ‘Max’ actuators for ball and butterfly valves as well as linear ‘Run’ actuators for globe and control valves. Both are suitable for use in environments with a flammable gas, vapor or mist present and certified to ATEX zones 1, 2, 21, and 22.

Incorporating a flameproof enclosure, dual seals on the power shaft and a metal housing, these actuators prevent sparks from reaching the combustible atmosphere around them. Combined with the intrinsic safety feature that limits circuit energy, they ensure that a spark within the actuator cannot ignite flammable gases in the surrounding area even when the device is operating in a fault condition such as a power outage.

These electric explosion proof actuators also feature visual and electrical valve position indication, manual override and a wide selection of modulating accessories. They are easy to install using standard ISO5211 multi-flange mounting and double square drive. With a choice of output torques to suit your application, these electric actuators are ideal for automating all manner of quarter turn and multileaf dampers.

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