Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

Fenbendazole was originally developed as a parasite dewormer for animals. However, scientific research reveals it also has cancer-fighting properties. Unlike developing a new drug, which can take years to complete, this medication is readily available as an over-the-counter antiparasitic, and it has low levels of toxicity. Because of this, many patients choose to take it on their own. Some of these individuals have a wide range of cancers, including stage 4 pancreatic and non-small cell lung cancer, as well as melanoma.

One such patient’s story went viral in 2019 after a video of him talking about how he used the anthelmintic was posted on TikTok and Facebook. In the video, he claimed that he had used the medication to treat his small-cell lung cancer and that it had completely eradicated his tumor. He also created a website and a Facebook page to share his experience.

Researchers have discovered that fenbendazole has the ability to target several cell pathways that are important in cancer growth and metastasis. For example, it inhibits the polymerization of microtubules. These are structures that support cellular processes, as well as the structure and shape of the cell. Additionally, it has proteasomal interference abilities, which interfere with the degradation of proteins that are vital for cancer cell survival.

Another finding was that fenbendazole inhibits the expression of RAS-related signaling pathway genes, and this is associated with decreased tumor growth in animal models. This may indicate that fenbendazole can be used in combination with cytotoxic chemotherapy drugs to increase their efficacy. fenbendazole for humans

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