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Whether you’re a professional athlete or someone who just wants to get a little more out of their workouts, personal trainers can be the key to helping you reach your fitness goals. But it’s important to find the right trainer for you. Luckily, NYC has plenty of top trainers ready to help you shed pounds, build muscle and crush your workout goals.

The first thing you should look for in a personal trainer is a genuine interest in your goals. “A good trainer will ask what you want to achieve, not just how much weight you can lift,” says Zhi Chen, founder of Naturally Intense Personal Training in New York City. “They will be motivated by you and your results.”

If you’re looking for a personal trainer to help you lose a few pounds, build up your strength or get fit for an event, you can search for certified professionals on the Fyt app. The app matches you with ACE-certified personal trainers, group fitness instructors and health coaches who can help you stay on track to reach your goal. You can filter trainers by years of experience, rates and distance from your zip code to find your best match.

Once you’ve found a trainer, you can book your sessions on their profile and schedule from anywhere. If your first session isn’t the right fit, you can switch trainers at no extra cost, and your credit card won’t be charged until you find a trainer that works for you.

Some trainers may try to guilt trip you or beg you to stick around if it’s not working, but that’s OK—you should feel comfortable enough to be honest about your experience. It’s like dating: some first dates suck, and sometimes you just need to move on.

If your goal is to sculpt the body that you always dreamed of, Anna Kaiser, owner of AKT, can help. She draws on multiple disciplines—including dance, yoga and plyometrics—to create her unique workout method, and she’s helped countless women shape the bodies they deserve.

If you want to shave off the extra pounds before your big day, Kat Ellis is the woman for you. She’s a NYC-based personal trainer who knows how to make it fun, but she’ll also help you build up your strength and burn calories fast. She’s worked with celebrity clients like Justin Bieber and Daniel Craig, but she prides herself on being just as focused on the everyday client as the high-profile ones. Her approach to fitness is based on science—she starts every session with a metabolic assessment and then builds the program around your needs and goals. personal trainer near me

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