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Your curly hair needs specialised expertise to keep it looking fabulous. A true specialist will prioritise the consultation process, to really listen to their clients to understand their hair texture and challenges – and provide knowledge and results that support how they want to live with their curls. They will take the time to cut curly hair properly, and use quality products that will benefit your curls and enhance their natural bounce. They will also know which styling products are the best for your specific curl type, and how to maximise the benefits of each product.

There are many great salons in Melbourne that specialise in curly hair, but it is important to make sure that you visit a stylist with the right experience and understanding of the challenges and opportunities that come with having curly hair. Ask your potential stylist how much time they have spent on educating themselves in the needs of curls, and how often they cut curly hair.

Vanilla Hair Studio are a salon that specialises in curly hair, and they have a reputation for listening to their clients, providing education and results that will work with their curls. Their stylists are qualified and experienced in the art of curling and have a passion for empowering women to love their curls.

Wenz Hair are a curly (and wavy and textured) hair approved salon that will give you the look you desire and a newfound confidence in your natural mane. Their specialised curly hair menu includes a customised curl cut, consultation and co-wash/styling session. curly hair hairdresser melbourne

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