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If you’re dealing with pain, injuries or other physical issues, physical therapy is a great option for alleviating symptoms and improving overall mobility. But not all therapists are the same, and you should do your homework before making your final decision on where to get care.

When evaluating your options, be sure that you will be treated by a licensed physical therapist (PT). All PTs must complete an accredited doctorate program and pass a national licensure exam. In some cases, they may be assisted by a physical therapist assistant (PTA), who is also a licensed professional. However, the PT is the one who should be doing the treatment and providing you with instructions.

Many physical therapists earn additional credentials by specializing in certain areas of the field. You can often find this information on their website, and you can also call the clinic to ask whether they have a specialist that would be right for your situation.

Another way to gauge the quality of a therapist is to watch how they interact with their patients. Is the therapist engaged and attentive? Do they speak clearly and take their time with each patient? Do they give clear directions for home exercises and offer a follow-up method to check on your progress between sessions? This can be difficult to determine on the first visit, but if you notice that a therapist doesn’t spend much time with each patient or seems distracted, it might not be the best fit. physical therapist near me

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