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Flowers at home

Send flowers in Puerto Rico
Our flower shop has a wide variety of flower bouquets for all your occasions, for example: gifts for birthdays, flowers for Valentine’s Day, flowers for mother and for your best friend’s birthday. Our team of experts works minute by minute so you can choose the perfect flowers for every moment.

Each type of flower has a different meaning: red roses are the same as saying your love and passion, lilies are perfect for wishing peace, gardenias for expressing joy, and marigolds for expressing gratitude. All flowers are available to send to your friend and to give them a surprise that they will never forget.

Para ser un regalo nico y encantador, es muy importante mandar flores a tu amigo con mucha atención. Aqu en Flores Para ti, todos nuestros productos para enviar flores a tu to son creados con una atención personalizada, sólo para conseguirle un regalo especial.

There is nothing better to send flowers to a friend than to keep us memories of how kind the conversation was and also of the memory that her aunt gave us. However, it is also important to get your uncle’s approval for your gift to ensure that he receives the gift you told him about. We strive to ensure that your and your aunt’s flower gifts receive the thanks they should.

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