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Bringing people together in one room can feel like an awkward encounter. These fun ice breakers are designed to open up barriers and ease folks into making personal connections, building psychological safety, and bonding as a team. Whether you’re hosting a new hire class, a team retreat or simply gathering a group of remote workers for a video call, these quick and easy icebreaker questions are sure to amp up the lighthearted banter and fun in your next meeting.

Start with one person in the group sharing their “hot take” on a lighthearted topic. Then, each team member can chime in and support or debate their colleague’s opinion until everyone has had a turn. Popcorn to the next teammate who wants to share their hot take.

This icebreaker allows you to learn about your team members’ favorite movies, songs or genres while creating an engaging, social environment. You can even divide your team into two teams to create a fun competition during a virtual meeting to see who can finish the fastest jigsaw puzzle.

What better way to connect your team than by letting them show off their furry friends? This simple icebreaker will fill the group with smiles and laughter as coworkers show off photos or describe their dream pet. It’s also a great fit for remote teams as it helps build connection around the different hobbies and passions of each teammate. fun ice breaker questions

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