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With so many prestigious accolades that London can lay claim to – global city, financial centre, cultural hub – it almost goes without saying that it’s home to an extensive range of German courses. From conversational classes to intensive language immersion programmes, the UK’s capital has something for every learning need.

A great place to start is with the UCL Centre for Languages & International Education (CLIE) German evening course. These ten-week courses are open to anyone with a basic level of German who meets the entry requirements. In the two-hour classes you’ll be taught how to communicate and interact at a functional everyday survival level. You’ll also develop your language learning skills, including how to approach authentic material and improve your cultural awareness.

There are also a host of independent German tutors in London. These individuals may offer one-on-one tuition, group classes, or work with companies to provide their employees with German lessons. One option is to find a teacher through a website like Superprof, which works on a subscription basis and offers online German lessons and free practise exercises.

If you’re aiming for academic or professional purposes, it might be worth taking a specialised German class that prepares students for the Test DAF and the Goethe-Institut exams. These classes tend to be more expensive than general German lessons but will help you to achieve the language fluency required for these kinds of purposes. German courses London

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