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A move is an exciting time in life, but it’s also a big expense. There’s the cost of

moving supplies, a truck rental and movers. However, there are a lot of additional

expenses that new homeowners tend to forget about when planning their move.

Many moving costs are related to the size of the home and the amount of items in it.

For example, a 3-bedroom house that needs to be moved locally will typically cost

$3,800 and upwards of $5,300 for a long-distance move. Another big factor is how

much furniture you have. If you own a lot of bulky items, such as safes or pool

tables, they’ll require extra labor to load and transport.

Other hidden costs to consider include additional packing and unpacking services,

shuttle fees (if the truck isn’t able to park close to your home) and storage-in-transit

fees. These additional fees are usually charged by movers to assist with more time-

consuming and delicate tasks, such as disassembling or reassembling items,

providing wooden crating for specialty items or offering unpacking services after the


If you’re a military member on active duty, the IRS may reimburse you for some of

these additional expenses as part of your moving allowance. To receive

reimbursement, you’ll need to submit a Umzugsskosten worksheet to your federal

tax compliance manager with receipts for the costs you’re claiming. Your manager

will review your claim and approve or deny your request based on your eligibility for

moving expense deductions.

The date of your move also affects the overall moving costs. During peak season,

weekends and moves during the summer are more expensive than weekday moves

in the fall or winter.

Moving costs are a necessary expense to budget for when buying a new home. But

there are ways to lower the costs, such as packing your own boxes and limiting how

much bulky furniture you have. It’s also a good idea to pad your moving budget by

10%-20% to account for any unexpected expenses that pop up during the process.

Before you hire a moving company, it’s important to understand the typical rates for

local and long-distance moves so that you can compare prices. In addition, keep in

mind that movers’ estimates aren’t binding and the final price could be different

from the estimate. This is especially true if you have to disassemble or reassemble

furniture, provide custom wooden crates or offer unpacking services after the move.

Then, add any other additional fees you’ll be expected to pay such as fuel charges,

tolls and mileage-based surcharges.

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