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Highlights add contrast and depth to your natural hair color while brightening and illuminating your complexion for that warm summer glow all year round. They can also frame your face and highlight the color of your eyes if done correctly. If you’re struggling with grays, highlights blend in and conceal them so that there is no blaring line of new re-growth against your natural hue.

Highlights look good on all hair lengths, textures and styles. They can be subtle or bold, and they can even make thin hair look fuller and thicker. Streaks, balayage, or foil techniques will all provide different results depending on your desired look and how light you want your highlight.

When selecting your highlight shades it’s important to choose a shade that suits your skin tone and compliments the overall look you want to achieve. A general rule is that warmer skin tones should opt for cooler highlights and vice versa. Cool highlights tend to be silver, ash, sand, champagne or mocha, while warm highlights are golden caramel, amber, butterscotch, strawberry, copper or russet.

Highlights require a lot more maintenance than all over base color. They need to be touched up every six to eight weeks as they grow out. If you opt for a technique like balayage, flamboyage or foilage (French for ‘to sweep’) where colour is hand painted on to sections, it can be easier to maintain as it hides the regrowth line a little better and your roots are less obvious. Highlights

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