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Holistic medicine is a form of health care that focuses on healing the body and spirit. It combines age-old healing practices with modern scientific research and medical techniques. It also includes natural remedies and emphasizes a patient’s ability to self-heal. It is an alternative to traditional allopathic medicines and aims to promote wellness. This type of health care is increasing in popularity as more and more people realize the benefits it offers.

A Whole Person Approach

A holistic doctor will view each patient as a unique individual and consider their physical, emotional, spiritual, and social well-being. He or she will work with each patient to develop a treatment plan that addresses the root cause of their illness and disease and promotes overall health and wellbeing. Holistic doctors will also encourage patients to take an active role in their own health by educating them about the importance of a healthy diet, exercise, and rest and stress management.

In a Holistic Practice, the Practitioner and Patient Have a Symbiotic Relationship

Unlike conventional doctors who have to deal with insurance company regulations, holistic practitioners are able to spend more time focusing on each patient and developing a symbiotic relationship. This allows for a more in-depth analysis of the patient’s medical history and the underlying causes of their disease or illness. Holistic practitioners also believe in teaching by example, which is why they will often practice the same habits and lifestyle changes that they recommend to their patients.

The Power of Positive Thinking

Holistic doctors recognize the important role that one’s attitude and emotions play in their overall health. In fact, studies have shown that people who possess a more positive outlook on life are less likely to suffer from disease or illness. A holistic doctor will use techniques such as meditation, yoga, and other mind-body practices to help their patients find a more positive outlook on life.

Integrative Medicine

A holistic physician will incorporate elements of both traditional and complementary medicine to treat a patient. For example, a holistic doctor may use nutritional supplements, herbal remedies, and stress reduction therapies along with prescription medication. This approach allows the practitioner to offer a more complete and effective treatment plan for their patients.

The Holistic Medical Team at West Holistic Medicine

West Holistic medicine is a functional and integrative medical clinic that provides patients with a full range of services. They specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of autoimmune diseases, hormonal disorders, chronic fatigue, brain fog, and mood disorders. Their practitioners combine the latest scientific research with ancient healing traditions to create an individualized treatment plan for each patient. In addition to a healthy diet, daily exercise, and adequate sleep, the practitioners at West Holistic Medicine will provide you with a variety of healing tools to help restore balance to your body and soul. Contact them today to learn more about the benefits of their holistic approach to medicine. holistic medicine austin

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