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Many homeowners in Fort Collins struggle with limited livable space. Whether due to a growing family or elderly parents, it is always a good idea to look at your options for additional living space.

One of the best ways to add an artistic flair to any home is to base the design off of a single source of inspiration. We have designed entire basements around a unique tile pattern, a piece of furniture or even a favorite color.


The cost of finishing a basement can vary considerably depending on how much you want to do. For example, if you plan to add a bathroom or kitchen to your home, the total cost will be higher than if you simply want a recreational space. However, a skilled contractor can help you stay within your budget by offering a wide range of options.

One way to save money on a basement renovation is by choosing an open floor plan. This will cut down on the cost of framing and installation of electrical wirings, drywall, and insulation. You can also save money by using repurposed or thrifted furniture and finding affordable light fixtures.

A reputable basement remodeling company Fort Collins locals can trust will also assist you in finding cost-effective flooring and wall covering options that suit your style. They will also ensure that your finished basement is waterproof. This can be a difficult task and is best left to a professional.

Variety of Options

Many homeowners fail to use their basements, which are often cold and depressing. However, this space can be transformed into a cozy room that the family can enjoy. For example, it can be turned into a home gym, office, playroom, or media room. The family can also add a full bathroom and laundry room.

Another option is to turn the basement into a bedroom. It’s a great way to increase the value of your home and give you extra living space. In addition, it will provide warmth and comfort for friends and guests who stay over.

If you’re looking for a contractor to help you finish your basement, you should consider the services offered by Farrell Construction and Remodel. They specialize in kitchen and home remodeling as well as basement finishing. They have a team of professionals who create unique designs that reflect their clients’ tastes. For example, they have designed entire homes based on one piece of inspiration, such as a colorful tile pattern or an heirloom piece of furniture.


This is a project that takes a lot of time and great care. This is why it is a good idea to hire a company that has a lot of experience in this field. They will be able to give you an accurate quote after they visit your home and make a plan for your new basement. This includes assessing the existing structure and layout of your basement. They will also be able to determine if a permit is needed for the job.

Many homeowners do not realize that they have a huge amount of space in their homes, which is being wasted. They may use their basement for long-term storage and laundry, but it can be transformed into a living room, office, gym, media room, and so on. These spaces can add value to your home and provide additional living space for you and your family. In addition, they can help you save on utility bills because they provide added insulation.


Many homeowners have unfinished basements. They are often used for storage or a laundry room, but with some effort and planning, these spaces can become one of the most desirable areas in the home. They can be turned into a playroom, home office, media room, living space, guest bedroom, and more. This is a great way to add more livable space to the home and increase its value.

There are several companies that provide basement remodeling Fort Collins services. Some offer a variety of different designs and materials, while others focus on creating custom spaces that reflect the homeowner’s personality and style. For example, some designers create design plans based on a single item of inspiration, such as a favorite tile pattern or an heirloom piece of furniture.

Eheart Interior Solutions has been in business since 1979 and offers home remodeling and basement finishing services. Its team of designers works with clients to find a solution that fits their lifestyle and budget. The company has also streamlined its process to improve the client experience.

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