Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

A motivational speaker inspires and encourages an audience to achieve their goals and aspirations. Their speeches often highlight a personal or professional story, and they may offer advice on dealing with failure or other obstacles. They are often paid to appear at conventions or other events to share their message with an audience.

Although no specific degree or training is required for becoming a motivational speaker, this career requires a unique idea or viewpoint to share with an audience and the ability to engage with listeners. You must also have the passion and skills to write a speech that resonates with your target audience. Many successful speakers take years to find a message that resonates with their audiences. They may try many different topics, but they are always looking for a theme that is engaging and memorable.

The best way to start a motivational speaking career is by seeking out groups and organizations that might benefit from your expertise. You might start by finding a support group that deals with addiction and recovery, loss and grief or mental health. There are probably dozens or hundreds of groups within your city that would welcome an inspirational speaker.

You can practice your delivery and work on your storytelling abilities by working for free at first. Eventually you may be able to get some paid engagements, but you will need a demo video to sell yourself to potential clients. Once you have that in hand, you will be ready to start reaching your ideal audience and making a difference.

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