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A headset is an essential tool for call center professionals and should be comfortable enough to wear all day. Clunky models that irritate the head or cause discomfort can cause neck strain and headaches. Look for lightweight models that distribute pressure evenly across the head.

The best call center headsets have high-quality speakers that deliver a crisp sound that accurately reproduces the customer’s voice. They also have noise-cancelling technology that minimizes ambient background noise, allowing the agent to focus on the caller. They should also have echo and feedback reduction to prevent distractions during calls.

You can choose between wired and wireless headsets, depending on your workspace and mobility needs. Look for headsets that can connect to your phone or PC via NFC, RF, or Bluetooth to ensure seamless connectivity. You can also find a headset that has long battery life for continuous use.

Look for a headset with adjustable ear cups to fit your ears comfortably. Whether your team is working remotely or in the office, a headset that can adjust to any type of head shape and size will ensure that every call is clear and easy to understand.

Ensure your agents’ comfort by choosing a headset with soft, memory foam ear cushions that are ergonomically designed to support the head and ears. The Voyager Focus UC by Plantronics is a stereo headset that features active noise canceling and provides exceptional audio clarity for callers. It also offers intuitive call controls and a 360-degree swiveling boom mic for improved audio coverage. best call center headset

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