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A eu shoe size to us is the number that represents your shoes’ European sizing, and the equivalent for UK sizes. The European sizing system is not directly related to your foot length in inches, unlike the US Shoe Size system. For example, a women’s shoe size 5 in the US is a 35 in Europe and a men’s shoe size 11 in the US is a 42 in Europe. To find out your shoe size in European sizing, refer to the chart below.

Generally, EU sizes are about 2/3 of an inch larger than UK/US shoe sizes. But it is important to remember that shoes have different lasts (the shape of the shoe that the foot fits into). This means that shoes can fit a little differently from brand to brand, even within the same family. Also, the sizing can vary by type of shoe — running shoes tend to fit slightly smaller than casual shoes.

This is why it is important to try on shoes when you shop – you want to make sure they fit well. If you have a pair of shoes that you love but the sizing is off, try them on with your socks and stockings to get an accurate measurement of your foot.

You can also use the sizing charts at the bottom of this article to help you convert your US Shoe Size into European and UK sizing. It is also helpful to know that the conversion tables only work for unisex shoes; they do not account for the fact that men’s shoes are typically two sizes larger than women’s shoes.

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