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How to Delete a Truth Social Account

Despite its claim to be uncensored, Truth Social’s content moderation policies are surprisingly similar to those of Twitter and other major social networks. For example, Google Play rejected the app until it began to remove posts that incited violence, and its terms of service prohibit sexual and violent language.

Furthermore, the vast majority of accounts on Truth Social are right-leaning or pro-Trump. The app is also a hub for controversial health claims like vaccination and conversion therapy.


If you’re thinking of ditching Truth Social, you’re not alone. The app, which has been called “Truth Twitter” and a “fake news fighting platform,” launched in February with a slew of technical issues and controversial policies. And even though it’s supposed to be a free speech platform, the majority of accounts on Truth Social are right-leaning or pro-Trump, according to the Center for Media and Democracy. The company behind the app, Trump Media & Technology Group, has yet to answer questions about its business practices or explain why it’s not paying for cloud support.

The site’s user base is also noticeably sparse compared to Twitter and Facebook. While Trump himself counts 3.4 million followers on Truth Social, most of his messages are only retweeted or liked by a few thousand people.

It’s also unclear how many people are actually working on the app. While President Trump himself makes occasional media appearances to promote it, most members of his inner circle aren’t involved in the day-to-day operations of the company. And earlier this year, three top employees in product, technology, and legal left the company. The CEO, former Republican Congressman Devin Nunes, still makes media appearances and claims to work on the app, but the departures were reportedly related to financial problems at the company.

If you’re considering deleting your account on Truth Social, it’s important to remember that the app’s deactivation lasts 30 days. After this period, your account will be deleted automatically if you don’t log in again. However, you should note that your posts will still remain on the site. If you’re an American resident, you have the right to ask the developer of Truth Social (T Media Tech LLC) for the data they have about you. This is known as the right to erasure. Using this law, you can ask for the removal of any personal information that is no longer relevant to your current situation. This can be done by submitting an email to the company. The company must respond within a month or face a fine of up to 7.5k USD.

Send an Email

If you’re looking to delete your truth social account, you need to do it through an email. You can use a form on their website or just send an email to their support team. Once they receive your email, they will process it and delete your account within 24 hours. It is important to know that deactivating your account will not delete your comments or any other posts that you may have made on the site.

It’s unclear how many people work for Truth Social, and what their day-to-day responsibilities are. But sources say that the company is a shell of its former self and has been losing money for some time.

The parent company of Truth Social, Trump Media and Technology Group, is facing a major legal battle with one of its vendors, which alleges that it has stiffed the company out of more than $1 million in contractually obligated payments. People familiar with the matter have told FOX Business that the legal wrangling is part of a larger cash crisis for the company.

Despite its name, Truth Social is not really an open platform that welcomes all perspectives. Its content moderation practices have come under scrutiny. In a report released Tuesday, Public Citizen’s Big Tech accountability fellow Cheyenne Hunt-Majer said the platform frequently removes or limits posts that contain anti-Trump sentiment or references to progressive or conservative political topics. She says that’s unlike Twitter and Facebook, which give users notice when their posts are taken down and provide a reason for the removal.

Using the app, Hunt-Majer tested the platform by writing “abortion is healthcare” in a post and finding that it was removed from public view. She posted a TikTok about her experience with the platform and was approached by her employer about writing a formal report on it. She said she could not reach representatives at Truth Social to discuss her concerns, but speculated that the shadow banning was done to prevent the post from gaining traction and inciting violence. She also complained that the platform doesn’t make its terms of service transparent to its users.

Wait for a Response

If you want to delete your truth social account, you must wait for a response from the customer support team. This process can take up to 30 days. After the waiting period is over, your account will be deleted permanently.

A new conservative social-media app backed by former President Donald Trump is plagued with glitches and questions about its content moderation policies. Some people have been unable to create an account on Truth Social, while others receive an error message that says “something went wrong” when they try to register. Others have been told that they are on a wait list because of high demand.

Truth Social is one of several alternative social-media sites that have emerged since Twitter and Facebook barred Mr. Trump from their sites after he incited violence during his Jan. 6 congressional hearing. It has positioned itself as an uncensored site that will not discriminate against users for their political beliefs. However, it’s unclear whether the platform has the same level of freedom as other uncensored social-media services such as Rumble and Parler, where some accounts that would be barred on mainstream social media, such as the right-wing satire site The Babylon Bee, are able to post freely.

Some of the same design elements that helped make Twitter a huge success are present on Truth Social, but with a much less intuitive interface. When I visited the site, the most immediately striking thing was how dull it was. It’s not a fun place to hang out, or even a useful one. It’s more like a wasteland covered in lackluster ads for pillows and populated by aspiring MAGA influencers.

Adding to the uncertainty over the future of Truth Social is an ongoing dispute with one of its vendors, who alleges that it’s stiffing the company out of more than $1 million in contractually obligated payments. The company, which is owned by Trump Media and Technology Group, did not respond to a request for comment. The app sank to the 90th spot in Apple’s free app chart as of Friday, below traffic helper Waze and above the Starbucks rewards app.


Trump’s social-media company billed itself as a free-speech haven, but new reports suggest the app isn’t keeping up with its promise. After a rocky start when it partially launched in February, Truth Social has been accused of censoring some posts and promoting misinformation. It’s also been accused of putting some users in a long queue to create an account.

Truth Social is a social-media app that lets you create an account and post updates, or “Truths,” to your timeline. You can follow other accounts and comment on their Truths. It also features a search function, alerts and messages. It’s available on Apple devices and a website.

The app has a familiar feel, and it’s been compared to Twitter in terms of functionality. But it also has its own unique features, such as the ability to upload photos and videos to your profile. It has a dark theme and other customization options, including the ability to choose your own background image. It also allows you to block accounts and report content.

Upon signing up for an account on Truth Social, you’re asked to agree to the app’s terms of service and other policies. Among other things, you agree not to use the app to impersonate another person or share content that violates copyright laws. The terms of service also state that Truth Social is not a forum for hate speech or conspiracy theories.

After a rough launch, the app rose to number 25 on the iTunes charts for free apps. However, some would-be users have said they were placed in a lengthy queue with tens of thousands of people ahead of them while trying to create an account.

A report by left-leaning consumer-advocacy group Public Citizen found that Truth Social has kept a number of posts from being visible to users. The removed or limited posts included ones that discussed abortion and the January 6 committee hearings. The report says that the app was removing or limiting posts without providing an explanation.

Founders of the app, which is owned by Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG), have not responded to requests for comment. But TMTG chief executive Devin Nunes has said the platform is nonpartisan and will have moderation policies.

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