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When you learn there is an outstanding warrant for your arrest, it can be a frightening experience. You may not have known there was a warrant until you get contacted by police, or discover it while checking your background or applying for jobs. It is possible to check your warrant online, but it is important to note that not all information will be available to you through this method. You should also seek out a criminal defense attorney to discuss the matter with you and to explore possible legal options.

Online Warrant Search
The best way to determine if you have an active warrant is by visiting the sheriff’s website for the county where you live or the state government’s database. This will provide you with details about the case, including when it was filed, and if there are any outstanding fines associated with the warrant.

You should be aware that some types of cases are not public records, such as family, juvenile delinquency, or domestic violence matters involving protective, peace, and restraining orders. In such a situation, it is best to contact the court or a law enforcement agency for assistance.

There are many consequences of having an active warrant out for your arrest, which is why it is important to find legal counsel as soon as you can. An experienced lawyer like Michael A. Arbeit can review the charges against you and develop an appropriate defense strategy to help you resolve your matter with the least amount of impact on your life. online warrant

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