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A sex therapist is a mental health professional trained in helping individuals and couples work through sexual-related issues. A sex therapist in san diego can be helpful for couples who are struggling to communicate effectively, individuals with underlying mental health concerns that are impacting their relationships, and others with intimacy and sexual-related disorders. While there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, a sex therapist can help with common concerns like infidelity, difficulty in the bedroom, mismatched libidos, and sexual shame.

Relationship and sex therapist Nikki Nolet isn’t afraid to get real with her clients about the big stuff, from diminished sex drive to mismatched libidos. She works with both married and unmarried couples, and encourages her clients to be honest about what is not working in their relationship. Nolet also provides online therapy for those who may have more privacy needs, or are unable to travel to a physical office.

The best way to find a sex therapist san diego is to start your search on Zencare, where you can filter by insurance, specialty, and availability. Look through provider profiles to see if they match your priorities, watch their introductory videos, and book a free call to connect with a potential sex therapist.

Most San Diego, California sex therapists accept major medical insurance plans that cover mental health therapy. Before selecting a sex therapist, you’ll want to review their fee structure and confirm that they are in-network with your plan. If they are not in-network, many sex therapists offer affordable teletherapy options.

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