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The car warranty industry has a well-deserved reputation for sharks and scammers, but many providers also offer solid plans at reasonable prices. Finding the best extended car warranty is a matter of doing your research. Prices, coverage and benefits can vary dramatically between providers. It’s also important to understand the limitations of car warranties. They may not cover every repair, and they usually require a deductible to be paid by the policyholder. Still, for some drivers, the peace of mind provided by a plan is worth the premium.

The first step is to look for a provider that offers a free online quote, without the need to speak with an agent. A few of the most popular choices include CarChex, ForeverCar and Endurance. We also found that many companies allow you to negotiate the price of a warranty, so it’s worth trying to get a lower quote than the one you first receive.

Another key consideration is the length of the extended warranty and when it kicks in. Some plans start right away, while others wait a certain amount of time before allowing you to make repairs. Finally, you should check if your chosen extended warranty includes any perks such as roadside assistance or rental car coverage.

CarChex offers five different levels of car protection from basic Bronze all the way up to comprehensive Titanium coverage. Their plans are backed by an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and they boast one of the lowest rates of claims in the industry. In addition to standard vehicle coverage, all of CarChex’s car protection plans come with perks like 24/7 roadside assistance and trip interruption insurance.

ForeverCar is a newer player in the extended warranty industry, but they’ve been around since 2015. Their affordable plans are backed by an A+ rating from the BBB and include some perks like roadside assistance and rental car coverage. They also provide a helpful FAQ section that answers some of the most common questions about extended warranties.

Endurance is a top car service contract provider in the United States with a large variety of coverage options. Their plans include engine, transmission and drivetrain protection, as well as unique features like towing coverage and trip interruption reimbursement. They also have an easy-to-use website and transparent pricing, which makes it easy to compare coverage options.

It’s worth mentioning that all extended warranty providers have some language built into their contracts requiring you to carry out your manufacturer’s recommended routine maintenance on your vehicle. Failure to do so can void your car’s warranty or lead to denial of a claim.

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