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How to Get Answer of Any QuestionHow to Get Answer of Any Question

If you are wondering how to get answer of any question, you will be glad to know that there are several different methods available. The first one involves using social media sites such as Friendfeed or Quora. These sites allow you to create a group for discussion and post questions. After you join the group, you can post your question and get an answer in real time.


If you want to get a high-quality answer to a question on Quora, you should follow a few basic rules. The first is to make your answer comprehensive, trustworthy, and helpful. Another important rule is to write your answer in an engaging way. This way, you’ll get a lot of distribution for your answer. Providing an extensive answer will increase the likelihood of your answer being near the top of the page.

Once you’ve made an answer that gets a lot of upvotes, it will be visible to other Quora users. It will also show up on your public profile. This way, people can see how much you’re active on the site. Also, you can subscribe to daily updates on your favorite questions to keep up with the most popular topics.

Once you’ve created an account on Quora, you’ll be able to ask questions. To ask a question, you can tap the red “Add Question” link on the homepage. From there, you can type your question. Quora will then generate questions related to your question. You can answer those questions later, and you’ll also be notified when new answers appear.

Before you start submitting questions, you need to choose an area of knowledge that interests you. By doing so, you’ll get targeted answers to your questions. Remember that this is a platform where people want to share and learn. Only share information that you can verify. And it’s important to note that if you want to get a good answer on Quora, it is important to know how to use this website.

Remember to use good grammar and punctuation. In addition, make sure that your question ends in a question mark. The best answers on Quora are those that contain enough information that the community can understand.

Fill in the blank questions

Fill in the blank questions are a common type of test that requires learners to recall or produce a target item to answer a question. They require learners to be quick and precise, and they should be carefully written so that the intended elicitation is clear. Avoid making the questions too difficult by including complex terms or concepts. In addition, avoid making the questions so complex that the learners are left guessing.

When creating fill-in-the-blank questions, consider the different methods of creating a question. One method is to assign a specific percentage value to each blank. This way, the student will be able to see how much they can expect to receive for each answer. For example, if a question requires students to provide an answer to a question, they will receive a certain percentage of marks.

Another method of creating fill-in-the-blank questions is to make the answers as specific as possible. This way, the students who read the book can predict which answers might be correct. The answer should be a close match to the original word or phrase. There is also a feature that will take into account any spelling mistakes or synonyms.

One method of creating a fill-in-the-blank question involves creating an image in Google Classroom. The image can be inserted into a picture or text field. The students will then be asked to type their answer. Remember that a wrong answer will result in a lower score.

If you are not familiar with the basics of HTML, use a tool like JotForm to create your fill-in-the-blank form. It has a free account that allows you to create up to 100 responses per month. In addition, it lets you customize questions, add images, and modify the font type. Another useful feature is the ability to create a dropdown menu.

Chemical keyboard

If you have to write the answer for a chemistry question, you can use the Chemical keyboard. This keyboard can be used on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. To use the keyboard, tap the answer box and then use the arrow keys or your finger to enter the answer. You can also enlarge the answer box to get finer cursor control. This will make entering chemical expressions easier.

The software is completely free. If you want to use it on your computer, you can either download the app or install the program on your device. Alternatively, you can also use Microsoft word online for free. Search for “Microsoft word online” and you can find the website. Once you sign in, you can start typing. You can even copy the chemical equations. This keyboard will save your time and money.


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