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YouTube subscribers are one of the most important metrics for a content creator, bringing in monetizable views, brand attention and a loyal fan base willing to click on affiliate links or buy merch. While the quality of your video content is the primary driver of your view counts, there are a number of other tactics you can use to grow your subscriber count and make the most out of your impact on YouTube.

Publish More Videos
The more frequently you create YouTube videos, the more likely your viewers are to engage with them. In fact, according to Social Media Examiner, channels that post a fixed frequency of at least once a week have more active viewers and higher watch time than those that upload less often.

Ask Your Viewers to Subscribe
While some content creators are reluctant to ask their viewers to subscribe, it is a critical component of getting more YouTube views and growing your audience. A simple call to action at the beginning, middle and end of your videos will prompt people to connect with you, and you should also include a subscription link in your video description.

Be aware that YouTube removes spam and closed accounts from your list of subscribers, which may result in a temporary decrease in your count. However, this is a normal part of the YouTube community and will not affect your rankings. If you’re unsure whether your YouTube subscribers are legit, you can always check them via YouTube Studio or a subscription tracker. buy youtube views

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