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If you need to travel by air often, you may need to find out how to cut expenses on air travel by obtaining cheap airline tickets. There are many tips to obtain cheap airline tickets only known to the insiders of the travel industry.

Some of the points that have been discovered by travel industry experts are as follows:

1. Visit airline websites: Most airlines advertise their cheap tickets only on their websites. This is true especially of discount airlines. You must keep track of such discounts by being active visitors on their online sites. Some times major airlines also advertise their discount tickets on their websites.

2. Discount airlines: A number of discount airlines operate between major and minor airports. They offer substantially cheap airline tickets. However they lack features like meals, water, in-flight entertainment like music, magazines etc. They also typically charge less on baggage.

3. Season sales: There are many cheap tickets up for grabs during season of sales. Sales are typically organized during off peak season like winter. Some discount airlines offer’ completely free’ tickets that carry only taxes and surcharge. One must keep track of airline news through newsletters or websites for announcement of sales.

4. Advance booking: The cheapest tickets on a plane are its first few seats sold. SO to save money, try and book your tickets much in advance. Wait for the time when booking starts and act immediately.

5. Booking in off season: It is best to travel off season if you have an eye on cheap tickets. Also off peak timings like late night or Sunday mornings can feature cheap tickets. Typically Friday and Sunday evenings are peak time and tickets are costly.

6. Price war: Sometimes two major airlines may be operating the same route at the same time and thus may engage in a price cutting competition. You can benefit from this situation. You may get to know about this through accurate news reports.

7. Change Routes: Instead of flying direct break your journey into two cheap flights with an additional destination in the middle. This help to save a lot of money often on traveling from one major airport to another.

8. Make use of exchange rate differences: Choose between a single return flight package from one point or two tickets, one for going and one for return purchased separately. This can be done on the basis of whether you stand to gain benefit from the difference in exchange rates between two currencies of the starting point and the destination.

9. In-flight food and drink: Many discount airlines do not provide food and drink so it is better you carry your own food and drink unless there are restrictions on the same in the case of a specific airline. Avail of cheap tickets that do not charge for food and drink. Egyptair flight booking

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