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Send Large Files

It’s easy enough to share personal content online, but business files are another matter entirely. Unless you’re using a secure virtual private network (VPN) for your work, it’s not uncommon to encounter error messages when trying to email files that are too big. That’s why it’s important to understand how to safely share your business files.

The most popular methods of sharing files are email attachments and cloud storage. However, these options tend to fall short in terms of security and user experience. Fortunately, there are several alternatives to consider that offer a more seamless and streamlined way to share business files.

Most email providers have a 25MB limit on file sizes when sending as an attachment, so the best way to share large files is with a dedicated service or cloud storage solution. Partnered email services such as Gmail and Google Drive or Apple’s Mail Drop feature combine with your existing email service to get around this limitation, allowing you to attach folders, multiple files, zip files or video files to your email. Other services, such as pCloud, are designed to be used for file transfers and can support uploads of up to 2 GB per month. With a premium subscription you can also add password protection to your files.

Other alternatives such as file compression software allow you to shrink your larger files without losing any data. These programs take your original file and reduce its size by removing unnecessary data, which can dramatically cut down the amount of space it takes up in your email.

Lastly, you can simply use an app that lets you create a link to your file. This can be a great option if you’re unsure of your recipient’s email address or if you need to give them the option to download or edit the file as they see fit. One example of such a tool is Telegram, which has over 700 million users worldwide and can be accessed from desktop or mobile devices.

While there are a number of ways to send files of any size, the best way to ensure your business’s information is protected is with a dedicated file-sharing service such as TitanFile. This service is integrated into Outlook and encrypts emails to prevent unauthorized parties from accessing confidential content. It only takes a minute to sign up and requires no credit card details. It’s also a great alternative for when you’re interacting with team members in person, as it allows you to hand out files on USB flash drives or similar physical devices. In addition to this, the service also enables you to securely attach files to emails in Gmail and Outlook. All of these features make TitanFile a good choice for businesses looking to increase the level of protection of their sensitive information. Read our review of the product to find out more. Send Large Files

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