Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

If you own a norcold rv refrigerator you know just how durable and energy-efficient they can be. These fridges are built to last and can endure the rigors of travel across rough terrain and up and down mountains. But despite their toughness RV fridges are still susceptible to problems just like any other appliance.

There are plenty of ways to troubleshoot a norcold rv refrigerator issue. One easy trick is to make sure the cooling unit is in good condition and there are no ice crystals in the freezer section. Another is to keep the refrigerator parked in an area with adequate ventilation and to avoid blocking the vents. Lastly, you can try turning off the fridge for three to five minutes and then powering it back on. This can clear out any accumulated dirt or dust that could be causing the problem.

The latest addition to the Norcold lineup is the Polar series of refrigerators. These are energy-efficient absorption fridges that run on LP gas or electric (12V DC) power. They also offer enhanced modern styling, including taller door panels for a more built-in look. Other features include a travel latch, a display, hidden hinges, recessed handles, and dual crisper drawers.

If the fridge is running but it doesn’t appear to be cooling you should check to make sure you have propane and that the tank valve is open. If you don’t then you might need to bleed air from your RV’s propane system which you can learn how to do here: How To: Bleed Air From Your Propane System. rv refrigerator parts

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