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When you’re an HVAC professional, you want to make sure your customers are happy with the service they receive. This includes providing clear and transparent estimates for repair or replacement jobs that include both materials and labor.

To help you provide estimates that are both detailed and accurate, use this tool to calculate the correct markup for your products and services. This will allow you to charge profitable prices without confusing your customers about why each line item is priced a certain way.

When preparing an estimate, make sure you’re including the right amount of labor to complete the job and any applicable warranties or guarantees. Reliable HVAC companies will also provide their own warranty coverage, and this can vary widely among providers. Be sure to review the terms of each warranty and choose one that offers broad coverage at a reasonable cost.

A well-functioning thermostat is key to efficient home air conditioning. If yours is not working properly, or it is making loud screeching noises, it may need to be replaced.

Fans & Blowers:
The two fans inside your HVAC unit move conditioned air through ductwork and into homes. Replacing a fan or blower motor can typically be done for around $200 to $500. Stock up on these essential parts for your HVAC-R equipment with Ferguson’s selection of condenser fan and blower motors, cores & driers, control panels, and more. Hvac store near me

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