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Hydraulic hose manufacturers make high-pressure industrial hoses for a variety of purposes. These hoses can be made from steel or textiles. They are used in industries that require a lot of pressure and movement such as mining and oil industry. They are also used in constructions and civil engineering, machinery, transportation and marine industries. The strength of these hoses can vary depending on the type of materials they are made from. Textile hoses can have lower pressure ratings than steel hoses. This is because these are more flexible and cheaper to produce than steel hoses.

Some of the top hydraulic hose manufacturers are Parker Hannifin, Gates Corporation, Eaton, Kurt Hydraulics, RYCO, Semperit, Alfagomma, PIRTEK USA and Topa. These companies have established themselves as industry leaders with an uncompromising commitment to innovation, quality assurance, customization and global reach.

RYCO provides high-pressure hydraulic hoses that are designed to be compatible with a wide range of industry requirements and applications. The company’s high-quality products include polyurethane and polyester hoses with a variety of operating pressure and temperature limits. Its hoses are suitable for aerial, agriculture and mobile equipment, hand tool, forklift, material handling, freezer, chemical transfer, marine steering and lubrication applications.

Semperit is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of industrial hoses and offers a broad range of solutions to meet all market demands. Its unique hose only strategy allows it to develop superior product performance with first class expertise and experience. It is committed to sustainability, making sure its products are safe and environmentally friendly. hydraulic hose manufacturers

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