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Wood fireplaces provide a warm and welcoming environment. gas heaters Whether you are relaxing by a crackling fire or savouring a cup of hot choccy in front of the fireplace, a wood fireplace will add a sense of comfort to any room.

Investing in an inbuilt wood fireplace is an excellent way to save money on heating bills and will also enhance the look and feel of your home. Jetmaster has a large range of inbuilt wood fireplaces to suit any type of living space. From an open fireplace to a fully enclosed unit, Jetmaster will help you design and create your ideal inbuilt fireplace.

How to Choose a Wood Burning Insert

When choosing a wood burning insert, it is important to find one that is EPA certified. EPA-certified inserts are more efficient and produce less smoke than non-certified models. You should also check to see if the model you are considering has a catalytic combustor.

Before you purchase an insert, you should measure your existing fireplace opening to ensure the new one will fit in properly. A tape measure is an excellent tool to use for this. Then you will need to have a professional installer install the insert into the opening. The installation will take a day or less, depending on the size and type of insert you have chosen.

Select the Right Wood for Your Insert

The best type of wood to use is dry, seasoned, untreated and split logs. Using unseasoned or wet logs will not burn well and can produce lots of smoke. If you are unsure of what kind of wood to use, consult a wood expert for assistance.

Consider Adding a Blower to Your Wood Fireplace

A blower helps keep your insert more efficient by sucking in cool air and blowing it into the room. This increases circulation and makes the heat more evenly distributed.

There are many different types of blowers available for wood inserts. Some are more expensive than others, so be sure to shop around for the best deal.

In addition to a blower, you may want to look for features such as remote controls. These will allow you to control the flames from a distance. Other features include built-in dampers to regulate the amount of air being brought into the firebox and a thermostat to adjust the temperature.

How to Prepare for a Wood Fireplace Install

Before you begin the wood fireplace installation, you should ensure the area is properly insulated and sealed against cold drafts. This will prevent moisture from building up in the chimney flue, which could cause mould. It is also important to make sure you have enough chimney flue to properly vent the wood stove.

It is also a good idea to choose a reputable installation company, as improperly installed inserts can cause health problems. A certified technician can inspect the fireplace and make necessary repairs if needed.

A wood-burning fireplace is a natural, renewable energy source that doesn’t require electricity. Not only does it reduce your utility bills, but it can significantly lower your carbon footprint. It is also a great addition to any home, providing an authentic touch of rural culture.

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