Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

A polishing cloth is by far our favourite way of cleaning jewellery. The soft lint-free material removes fingerprints, oils, and moisture from metals. It is also infused with anti-tarnish ingredients that keep your jewellery shiny and protected. This cloth is a large 12″ x 17″ size and can be used on all types of gold jewelry, including diamonds, pearls, and gemstones. It is also safe to use on silver, platinum, and other precious metals. It can even be used on some plated jewellery (though we recommend using the Priory Polishes Metal Cleaner before polishing plated pieces).

The inner, lighter cloth is impregnated with Jewellers Rouge which provides the cleaning and tarnish removal agents that make this cloth so effective. The outer, darker cloth is then buffed to a brilliant shine. This two step system is gentle enough for most fine valuables and coins, but will not buff out deep scratches on very scratchy or hard-textured pieces.

Please note that if your jewellery is rhodium plated, it may wear off faster when cleaned with the Gold Polishing Cloth. We suggest you get your jewellery replated by a professional every couple of years to avoid tarnishing.

This cloth is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and made in the USA. It can be used on both sides, and is reusable, though we recommend purchasing a replacement when it starts to turn black. The blackening is a good sign, as it means that the tarnish-fighting chemicals are still working! Karlea likes to store hers in a zip-lock bag after use to keep them fresh. jewellery polishing cloth

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