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Whether it’s skincare, makeup or body care korean cosmetics companies offer a lot of options. And it’s not just about quantity, quality is also very important to the Korean beauty consumer. This is a market that’s highly knowledgeable about cosmetic products, so brands need to have an edge over US products to stand out.

This is why some of these korean cosmetics companies are so popular, like Innisfree or COSRX. These brands are known to produce high-quality skincare products at an affordable price.

Other well-known korean cosmetics companies are Laneige, Dr. Jart+ and Klairs. These brands use social media influencers and celebrities to promote their products. This is one of the best ways to sell skincare in Korea since people want to use the same products that their favorite actors or singers are using.

Another popular korean cosmetics company is Hera. Hera is a sister brand of both Sulwhasoo and IOPE, but unlike those two brands, Hera places a large emphasis on makeup.

There are many more korean cosmetics companies that have become famous. Some of them are BB creams and serums from Skinfood, cleansers from Banila Co and skin-whitening products from Dr. Jart+.

Global beauty giants are also taking notice of the power of k-beauty and have been buying up some of these korean cosmetics brands. Estee Lauder has bought Dr. Jart+, and Unilever has taken a stake in GP Club Co, the maker of calming face masks. korean cosmetics companies

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