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Algarve or as it was baptized by the Arabs as Al Gharb meaning ‘to the west’, is the most southern province of the eleven provinces that Portugal has been split into. Its variety in terrain which starts at the little city of Odeceixe on the west coast is nicely tucked into the Espinhaco do Cao mountain range which neighbors the coast and the Atlantic Sea to the west. Its coast runs down through Aljezur, which is symbolical in Portuguese history thanks to its castle which is one of the 7 that appears on the flag of Portugal.

To the most western tip is the Cape of Saint Vincent and the city of Sagres where Henry the Navigator initially began his navigation college. At about that point, you have probably also come into contact with the most interesting Algarve beaches. Long soft sandy stretches which enclose secret coves at the start where the outline of the coast is intensely flat around the cities of Lagos, but after the town of Albufeira it turns into cliffs.

Not leaving the hypnotizing views of the Atlantic, we continue on to Faro, the capital of this area after having taken this title away from the town of Silves in 1577. Here in Faro you have got the main gateway into this southern region when arriving at this well-prepared world airfield for your holiday.

Algarve wine has quite a selection. The exporting of wine from this area started under the Muslim ruling and reached its climax in the 14 th and fifteenth centuries. Lagos, Portimao and Tavira are the principal wine producers. The Algar Dry from Lagos is a dry wine, served really cold with appetizers. The dry and sweet moscatel wines are aged in oak barrels for a minimum of 7 years and have about 18% alcohol content. Alfonso III is another dry wine from Lagos and also served really cold. Cruz de Portugal is a smooth red wine which should be served at 70 degrees for pudding.

From Tavira you have Licoroso de Tavira which is an extraordinarily sweet wine and dark in color, served at 70 degrees. Medronho is a variety of liqueur which is very well known all over the Algarve area and sometimes found in the common ‘tascas’ or pubs and served in glasses from Oporto. There are some lovable places to see around Portugal between Tavira and Castro Marim and one can simply manage a pleasant beach day in Monte Gordo and take a leisurely stroll through the Natural Reserve to understand the wonderful view of pink flamingos and long-legged storks exploding in and out of sight.

For golf lovers, near Albufeira and concealed among pine trees and the shore you may find Villamoura with its green fields for playing a calming game of golf. Wherever you go in this area, be it on the coast or deep into the forest, there are all sorts of hotels with great facilities for your stay in Algarve or the capital of Portugal which is Lisbon. wine tours from portland oregon

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