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Don’t you wish you could take some lose-fat pills and wake up tomorrow with the perfect body? In the past there were pills that came close to achieving that goal. They came in pairs and you took the first pill to start your weight loss. Once you had lost as much weight as you wanted, you took the second to stop the weight loss. These miracle pills would have been perfect if it hadn’t been for the fact that they resulted in malnutrition.

They Had What In Them?

The truth about these lose-fat pills was that in the first one there was a tape worm and in the second was de-worming medicine. I kid you not! Once you swallowed the first pill, the little fellow hooked himself on to your intestines and started feeding on all the things you were eating and not letting any food be absorbed by your body. So, you lost weight and starved at the same time.

When you finally reached your desired weight, you swallowed the second pill and killed the now much bigger fellow and crapped him out into the toilet. Gross! It was a very risky maneuver and was correctly outlawed.

Still people plug away at trying to find a pill that will do what these little pills did because if they succeed they will become rich beyond their wildest dreams.

Types of Lose-Fat Pills

The lose-fat pills on the market do not give the fat loss that the worm pills could give. These lose-fat pills fall into 4 categories.

  • Scams
  • Stimulants
  • Fat blockers
  • Appetite suppressant

The pills flood market that claim to make you lose weight, but don’t really do anything. A favorite trick is to sell you a bottle of pills along with literature that says how much more weight you will lose if you also follow the little diet they have printed with the pills. The truth is, you would lose just as much weight just doing diet without taking the pills. Lose-fat pills that are stimulants usually use caffeine or plants that contain caffeine to rev up your metabolism which causes it to burn more calories. You still need to follow a diet and get exercise with these type of lose-fat pills to have meaningful weight loss. Fat blocking lose-fat pills do not block all fat from being used by the body. You might get 30% to 40% absorption rate with some of the better fat blockers. The down side to these lose-fat pills is the side effect of an “oily discharge” which is something I can, thankfully, only guess at. 

Lose-fat pills that are an appetite suppressant use chemicals to suppress your appetite or simply mask your hunger signals. If they’re merely masking your hunger signals you will sadly find out that they do not take away cravings. If you truly want a pill that makes you not want to eat, you need one that makes you slightly nauseous.

The Biggest Problem With Fat-Loss Pills

Even if you find fat-loss pills that actually work for you and you lose all the weight you want, what are you going to do next? You have heard the expression “easy come, easy go”. Well the inverse is also true, “easy go easy come.” Once you’ve lost the weight with lose-fat pills and you stop taking them…the fat comes marching home again hooray, hooray. It is better to lose excess weight through proper nutrition and exercise, and surprisingly enough, this doesn’t involve living like a monk-although some monks are pretty rotund. It is actually easier than you think. Common sense and a plan can have you in great shape in short order and you will also have the benefit of keeping the fat off forever. buy MDMA Tesla Pills perth

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