Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

MATTER Residences are a new way to live in Las Vegas. The stylish urban residential community is built on smart technology and luxury design. Designed by internationally acclaimed architecture firm EDI International and interiors by Jules Wilson Design Studio, the residential community features three mid-rise towers with 352 units in total across 86 buildings.

Unlike other smart home protocols that run in the cloud, Matter works entirely over local networks (Ethernet and Wi-Fi) and does not connect to the internet or “the cloud.” It’s designed to give control back to you and your smart devices, limiting what is sent out to the internet and the services running in the background. This means your privacy is protected by the standards set forth in the CSA’s SDK and data privacy principles.

At launch, Matter supports a small number of device categories: smart light bulbs and fixtures, smart plugs and switches, connected locks and thermostats, and media devices like TVs. But it is designed to work with many more devices in the future. It also offers a feature called multi-admin, which allows your smart devices to work with multiple ecosystems and apps at the same time.

To take advantage of Matter, you will need a controller. A controller acts as the brains of your Matter smart home, managing communications and automations and granting you remote access and voice control via your chosen app. You don’t need a separate hub for this, though; existing smart speakers, routers and digital displays will be able to act as Matter controllers—and many of the big four tech giants have already promised that their existing products will become Matter compatible. matter residences

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