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A Michael Kors handbag is one of the most iconic accessories that you can own. Its unique designs and timeless sophistication make it a favorite accessory for women across the world. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for your girlfriends, a new piece to add to your closet, or simply want a bag that will stand out from the crowd, our collection of handbags has something for every style and budget.

The Michael Kors handbag sale gives you the chance to pick up some of the label’s most popular styles at a discount! You’ll find a selection of Michael Kors bags on sale that are marked down by up to 50 percent. This includes a number of the brand’s most popular pieces, including this Jet Set Large Leather Crossbody Bag and this Stripe Zip Pouch in the signature logo hardware.

You can also grab a few wallets and wristlets in this sale to spruce up your accessories drawer. These look great with a neutral outfit or a bold pop of color. You can even find a pair of Michael Kors shoes on sale for a steal!

While Michael Kors may not be as widely known as some of its rivals, the brand is a top choice for women who love a sophisticated and trendy look. The designer’s modern Jet Set collection fuses references to classic American sportswear with a sense of glamour that creates stylish pieces that you can wear day or night.

In recent years, the luxury retailer has been experiencing some slowing sales in North America. In fact, the company’s latest earnings report showed that comparable sales were down nearly 30 percent in its home market.

That’s a big drop from the stratospheric growth that the company experienced a few years back. And analysts say that the company is likely to struggle to keep growing.

This is because a lot of its high-end shoppers have started to snub the brand in favor of more affordable options. And because of the ubiquity of its products, it’s a challenge for the company to figure out how to incorporate merchandise that appeals to a wider audience without losing the “luxe” look that so many of its customers have come to love.

Fortunately, Michael Kors has been doing some heavy discounting in its home market, and this is probably helping to slow down the decline in sales. Chief executive John D. Idol told investors that the company is reducing prices in its North America stores in order to increase profit, and it expects that trend to continue.

Another reason for the discounts is that Kors has been trying to reach a more diverse audience with its offerings. But Idol warned investors on Thursday that some of the company’s recent products were just not catching on with a broader range of shoppers. In particular, the bucket style that was a big trend last year didn’t sell well with a broader base of aspirational shoppers. michael kors bags sales

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