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In MMA, a well-rounded style requires both striking and grappling. In order to practice both of those disciplines, a fighter needs the right gloves. Unlike heavily-padded boxing gloves, which are designed with pure striking in mind, mma sparring gloves are small open-finger gloves designed for both grabbing and grappling.

Whether you’re hitting the heavy bag or doing partner drills, proper sparring gloves are essential for protecting your training partners and yourself from injury. A quality pair of MMA gloves will allow you to strike with full power without worrying about the impact a punch will have. This will also prevent excessive wear and tear on your hands, as well as decrease the amount of superficial damage to your training partners’ faces.

MMA Gloves
There are many different models of MMA gloves on the market, but they all have similar functions. Generally, MMA gloves are made from either leather or synthetic material. They are usually laced and secured on the wrist with Velcro straps to keep them in place. Some MMA gloves feature small padding on the palms and fingers, while others have more extensive padding throughout the glove.

MMA gloves are smaller than boxing gloves and have open fingers to facilitate gripping and submission techniques. They’re also designed with a thumb slot for holding onto the opponent when grappling. They’re most commonly used in MMA but are also found in other stand-up fighting styles such as Muay Thai and K1. MMA fight gloves have thicker main padding than a boxing glove, but they have less padding over the knuckles. Gants mma sparring

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