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If you’re looking to buy some moon rocks, there are a few things you should know. For one, you shouldn’t be able to buy the authentic lunar samples brought back from the Apollo missions because they’re government property and therefore can’t be sold.

There are a few exceptions, but these include pieces gifted to foreign governments and some small amounts given to astronauts. The rest, however, belong to the United States.

The price of moon rocks is high and most people who want to buy them do so because they want a piece of history or simply for the sake of prestige.

In addition to being a fascinating piece of history, moon rocks are also quite valuable because they contain rare minerals. This is why you will often see them on the cover of books about astronomy or space travel.

NASA has even compiled a list of moon rocks that they consider to be of “national significance” and make them available for education. These materials can be borrowed by schools, colleges, and universities for a period of time, with an educational guide provided to teach the students about their origins, age, and other information.

Aside from being a valuable historical artifact, moon rocks can be used for recreational purposes as well. Some users enjoy smoking them in the same way as they would smoke weed, and you can even find some moon rocks for sale that are pre-made and ready to go.

If you do decide to try moon rock smoking, you will need to make sure that you have a good vaporizer. This is because the rocks will burn up rather quickly and won’t be easy to vape. You will also need a lighter and some kief.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the marijuana you use to vape with will affect the way it tastes. You won’t get the same kind of terpene-rich Kiefer flavor that you would from a regular flower, so it’s important to choose the right strain.

You should be able to get a very potent smoke with these rocks if you’re using the right blend of flower, concentrate, and kief. It will also be a lot more expensive than purchasing the same blend from the store, but it’s still worth the extra money because it’s a unique experience that many cannabis consumers enjoy.

It’s not a bad idea to try it out before buying your first batch of moon rocks, though, because it can be a little tricky and take some practice to figure out how to smoke them. You’ll want to start by using a small portion of the rock and put it on top of a normal bowl of bud.

Then, light the lighter and slowly blow it on the rock so that it sizzles, melting into the bud below. This is the best way to get a full, juicy smoke, but you might want to be careful not to touch the rock during this process. This will cause it to suck and stick to your throat, which you’ll regret. purple moon rocks

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