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Moving ourselves to act can be very tricky. We are motivated through different means that there is no specific formula that applies to all of us. You may be motivated through extrinsic rewards but others prefer to be pushed intrinsically. However, if there is one thing we must know, we all want to hear encouraging words to keep us going. Motivation quotes are the best motivating factors that can help us reach our goals in life against all odds.

Do you feel good about yourself when a friend says something positive about you? Do you feel glad when someone appreciates you? Does hearing your friends’ encouragements give you an extra boost of confidence? These are exactly the effects of motivation quotes.

Here are some samples of motivation quotes you should start saying to your loved ones:

o If others can do it, so can I
There are times when we feel like we cannot do something since it is so unreachable. The point is, if others were able to get it, you can too. There are many ways on how you can reach your goals and having role models can help you a lot. Follow what others before you had done to reach their dreams. We are all human beings here and you definitely have what it takes to achieve your goals too. Never think you cannot do something without even trying it.

o Try and try until you succeed
Every successful individual had passed through rough times. It is a fact that everybody encounters many problems and obstacles along the path towards success. It is only normal for you to experience challenges along the way but how you handle them is what matters the most. Always think positive and never allow failures to stop you from going after your goals. Learn from your mistakes and always keep a positive mental attitude.

o Always give the world your best shot
We must never settle for second best. Once we are given the opportunity, we have to grab it and do everything we can in our power to reach our goals. Always do your best in everything you do to avoid disappointments. Try to do things right the first time around by giving your 100% attention and determination.

These motivation quotes are just some of the words of encouragements which can make you move yourself to action. They are very useful especially in achieving your goals as below:

o They can motivate you to go after your aspirations in life despite the challenges that will come your way.
o They give you confidence and self esteem that no matter what happens you have to do your best.
o They can serve as your inspiration and at the same time your guide in doing what is right for you to reach the peak of success. happiness sayings

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